Computer theft has become a major point of discussion all around the world.

Computers are a valuable commodity and are easily disposed of; computer theft during office hours are on the increase when security measures are usually less stringent and the office alarm is deactivated; and thieves easily gain access to the office, armed and dangerous, and victimise staff with fear and physical force.
During the past few months GVB Holdings have launched a product called PC Guard.
Werner van Brakel, the owner of GVB Holdings states: "We do not claim that it will stop computer theft altogether, but it is supplementary to any security measures that are already in place. In most cases, computer theft occurs unseen. We aim to close that gap. You can have the best products on the market to physically safeguard your computers, but it will do you absolutely no good if the theft takes place unnoticed."
PC Guard aims at drastically reducing the risk of computer theft. It does not get installed into or on to the computer, and there are no devices, loop alarms or software installed into or on to the machines.
Instead, it is easy to install and works in conjunction with an alarm system and the current network, monitoring computers, network printers, routers and other equipment 24-hour a day.
In addition, it is easy to install.
GVB Holdings will be demonstrating PC Guard at Securx from 30 June to 03 July at the Sandton Convention Centre.