While local pricing for Microsoft's new Windows 7 operating system isn't yet available, it emerged at the weekend that European customers will pay between 10% and 100% more than their US counterparts, depending on which version of the OS they buy.

European versions of Windows 7, by the way, will ship without a browser due to EU regulations.
Taking Windows 7 Home Premium as an example, Computerworld reports that the OS will cost Euro 119,99 ($168,66 at current exchange rates) in Europe and BP 79,99 ($132,14) in the UK. The US pricing for the same software is $119, meaning that EU customers will pay 41% more and UK users 10% more.
For other versions of Windows 7, the discrepancy is even bigger. According to Computerworld, Windows 7 Professional will be priced at Euro 285 ($400,60) and BP 189,99 ($313,84), double the US price of $199,99 for the EU and 57% more for the Brits.
Computerworld adds that Windows 7 Ultimate, priced at $219,99 in the US, will cost Euro 299 ($420,27), or 91% more in the EU, and BP 229,99 ($330,36), or 50% more, in the UK.