Global church group, Christ Embassy Church has awarded Johnson Controls Systems & Service South Africa a R40-million contract for the provision of air-handling and chiller equipment that will be installed at its Lagos church in Nigeria.

The Christ Embassy Church in Nigeria is one of the world's biggest churches, facilitating more than 20 000 churchgoers at a time.  The sheer size of the church requires it to be sufficiently cooled and ventilated by an effective and energy efficient cooling system. Additionally, the church has been struggling with an irregular power supply.
Following a stringent tender process, Johnson Controls was awarded the contract as its proposed air-handing and chiller equipment met and exceeded Christ Embassy Church's brief and, importantly, requirements.
"In the case of a large building such as the Christ Embassy Church in Nigeria, it is extremely important that one installs a cooling and ventilation system that is powerful but not power hungry," comments Jose Fernandez, business area operations manager at Johnson Controls Systems & Service South Africa.
"Our flagship YCIV chiller incorporating Variable Speed Drive technology and environmentally-friendly R134a gas sets the benchmark for output combined with energy efficiency, meeting the church's need to provide a pleasant, cool environment for its churchgoers without the concern of possible power issues."
The YCIVs Variable Speed Drive technology enables it to align its motor speed with the church's cooling requirements, saving up to 30% energy. With the Variable Speed Drive, large buildings such as the Christ Embassy Church can proactively drive down their cooling consumption as the load can be adjusted to exact requirements.
In addition, with the technology the church can overcome some of its power supply issues as the chiller can be powered via diesel backup generators.
"The Christ Embassy Church contract is undoubtedly a feather in our cap as not only is the group well-known across the globe but also the physical size of the church requires a supplier that offers both the resources and technology to complete the project successfully," comments Fernandez.