The Internet Service Providers Association (ISPA) has chosen Internet Solutions (IS) to host the Johannesburg Internet Exchange (JINX) for a third term. IS has also been chosen to host the revived Cape Town Internet Exchange (CINX).

An Internet exchange is, for all intents and purposes, a peering point between Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in a country or region.
“A peering point adds a vital level of redundancy into the local Internet and boosts the performance of local Internet usage by creating shorter routes between ISPs," explains Greg Montjoie, hosting business unit manager at IS. "In doing so, an Internet Exchange also affects valuable cost savings for all parties involved
“Because Internet exchanges are of massive importance to the quality of a country’s Internet experience, we’re extremely proud to have been chosen for a third term,” he adds.
Rob Hunter, chair of the INX Working Group at ISPA, says that the contract to host an Internet Exchange such as JINX is awarded every three years and that IS has been the host for the past two terms. In fact, IS first hosted JINX from 1996 to 1999. ISPA then chose to host the exchange themselves, but moved the contract back to IS again in 2002, and has continued to host with IS since then for a total of seven years.
“We haven’t experienced a failure since IS has been hosting JINX,” Hunter says. "IS' record of service as JINX's host and their continued desire to partner with us contributed to our decision not to move to another partner."
He adds, however, that the most recent application from IS was still thoroughly vetted before the renewal of the contract was announced.
“We’re obviously extremely proud of becoming the JINX host for another three years,” Montjoie says. “It speaks volumes about our ability to handle a mission-critical hosting project such as this, not to mention the world class nature of the IS Johannesburg and Cape Town data centres."