WirelessG has become the first South African company to launch a converged online service that allows customers to consolidate their spend on ADSL, 3G/HSDPA and WiFi Hotspot access and, in doing so, more tightly control and manage their monthly Internet costs.

“The service is called G-Connect,” explains Carel van der Merwe, CEO of WirelessG. "It is, for all intents and purposes, a prepaid shared data wallet that customers can use to buy capacity for the three most commonly used forms of Internet connectivity in South Africa.
“We believe it adds an element of simplicity, control and ease of use to the market that has been sorely lacking up until now and, for that reason, we have strong aspirations for the growth of the service.
“It’s not just the increased simplicity of the service we believe the market will appreciate,” he adds. “The pricing we’ve managed to secure is furthermore extremely competitive with what’s on offer currently, albeit through a variety of separate suppliers.
“We believe the service will attract great attention because of the ease of use with which customers can buy and use data capacity, as and when they require it without having the burden of a contract."
Van der Merwe says customers can buy their data access in increments of R25.00, R50.00, R100.00, R250.00 or R500.00 and immediately begin surfing with the convenience of a single provider.
ADSL will be deducted from the user’s bandwidth balance at a rate of 6,5 cents per Mb, while 3G will be deducted from the user’s balance at a rate of 62 cents per Mb. WiFi access at over 750 local hotspots will be deducted at a rate of 45 cents per minute or 49 cents per Mb, depending on the user’s preference.
“These prices become even more compelling between 17h00 and 20h00 when ADSL drops to 4.7 cents per Mb, 3G to 55 cents per Mb and Wi-Fi access drops to 35 cents per Mb or 30 cents per minute, which is very low considering that it is prepaid,” he adds.
Users can also leverage the service for international Internet access at more than 110 000 hotspots around the world at a flat rate of R1.50 per minute, a substantial reduction over what these services traditionally cost.
Importantly, funds in the user’s bandwidth wallet carry over for 12 months from their last sign-in to the service.