It is estimated that, globally, $5-billion a year is spent on data migration – and yet it is still a process that few organisations get right.

This was the message highlighted by David Barkaway, data integration solution manager for SAS Global Practice, at the recent data integration business breakfast held in Johannesburg.
"According to a 2006 Bloor research survey, only 16% of data migration projects are delivered on time and within budget, so it really has become important for SAS to demonstrate how data migration can be achieved simply and successfully," says Antionette van Zyl, practice lead for data integration and data quality at SAS.
Emphasising the importance of data quality and integration, Barkaway spoke alongside Riedwaan Benefeld, international SAS accredited trainer and Bobby Thoolsi, founder of Didactic Services and head of data governance for Nedbank.
The Johannesburg event was mirrored in Cape Town this week, where audiences were further enlightened on how to achieve a data quality culture in an organisation. Focusing on three aspects of data integration, Barkaway demonstrated how to achieve efficient data migration, Riedwaan explored the skills necessary to work effectively with SAS data migration tools and Thoolsi presented on the importance of implementing and maintaining a culture of data quality in any business.
"Data quality issues cost companies billions each year, and highlights the need for educational seminars to highlight and educate the need for and capabilities of data migration, as well as the data quality tools that can ensure the processes are painless, foolproof and hassle free," adds van Zyl.