Neotel has announced a restructure to bolster its leadership team as the company moves out of its start-up phase.

The sales and customer service of both the enterprise and consumer business units will now fall under one division, reporting to chief sales & customer service officer Stefano Mattiello, who was previously the executive head of the enterprise business unit.
Strategic procurement will fall under newly0appointed chief financial officer Anil Khandelwal, who has over 24 years experience in accounts, finance, mergers and acquisitions, internal audit, materials management and commercial matters.
The outgoing chief financial officer Arun Gupta, will be returning to India after completing his three years’ secondment with Neotel,  during August 2009.
In the past there were separate marketing and product development functions within the business units. Going forward, these willbe combined and report into the newly-appointed chief marketing officer Jacky Humphries, who will also look after strategy and corporate communications.
The technology group and IT will report into the chief operations officer, who is still to be appointed.
To date, Neotel has run as a largely business unit driven organisation, with the enterprise business unit (EBU), consumer business unit (CBU) and networks business unit (NBU) running almost independently as small businesses within the organisation.
“In light of the ambitious targets for the 2009/2010 financial year, a decision had to be made towards shifting gears and aligning the top management structure to take the company where it wants to go,” says Ajay Pandey, MD and CEO of Neotel.
He says it was in the best interest of Neotel to change the way in which the company operated and moving from a business unit structure to a functional structure made sense. “Therefore, Neotel has made new appointments to supplement the existing team as the organisation gears up for growth. The new executives bring to Neotel a wealth of industry experience and will no doubt contribute positively towards achieving our goals."
The new structure which will come into effect from July 2009.