The recession isn't all bad news for consumers – they can now source brand-name notebook computers at less than cost from The Notebook Company's new auction site.

According to The Notebook Company’s Christopher Riley, the company already offers branded laptops, such as Acer and HP, “at the best prices in the market”.
“But we are getting more aggressive," he says. "Besides allowing customers to bid for laptops on our web-site we are also offering substantial discounts to students and teachers. This has already been implemented in our price structures.
“In a good market one can let your business take care of itself. But in a bad market you need to steer it aggressively. Consequently I believe we have implemented new procedures and policies which make us the best and/or the cheapest supplier of laptops in South Africa."
The company is also re-implementing 3G Vodacom Internet contracts with 3G Modems, together with laptop specials. This was discontinued about eight months ago due to channel problems.
“But we are busy setting up a new channel partner," says Riley.
“The market remains tough out there. A lot of our customers and business partners are under severe financial pressure.
“Our laptop sales projections for the 2009 calendar year have been reduced by 20%, but we believe that prospects look better for next year. I think the market has bottomed out and I think the ICT market will be one of the first business sectors to recover.”