Vodacom Franchise Council has endorsed XLink Communications' TwinCom modems for Vodacom outlets countrywide.

The TwinCom modem uses the GSM cellular network for all secured data communications between credit/ debit card terminals and the banks for fund clearance, thus eliminating the need for a fixed telephone line to process swipe-card transactions.
XLink initially installed TwinCom modems in all their Vodacom stores co-owned by Blaise Sommerville, director of Alisom Communications and ex-chairman of the Vodacom Franchise Council.
Sommerville explains that the XLink solution is "reliable in uptime, speed and cost effective, the core requirements for stores". This became his motivating factor to recommend XLink to become a preferred supplier for the franchise group which has close to 400 Vodashops, Vodacare's and Vodacom 4U stores countrywide.
"We ensure optimal uptime through our web-based application to monitor modem activity and signal strength with real-time alerts when and where a network goes down," explains Carl Larsen, executive head of sales for XLink Communications.
XLink currently has over 21,000 wireless modems installed countrywide with each device being able to connect three point of sale machines. The company processes over 12-million secure transactions a month.