Local Internet service provider, RSAWEB, is offering customised data centre hosting solutions to companies who need to manage the expected increase in traffic to their South African business sites in preparation for the FIFA 2010 Soccer World Cup.

“This global event is bringing with it an increase in demand across the board but being consistently and reliably available online will underpin an organisation’s level of success through this phase,” says Rob Gilmour, MD of RSAWEB.
Gilmour says this is especially important to companies who have existing and, in most cases, extensive Web investments and will be offering services before, during and after the World Cup.
“It is simply not good business in mission-critical application arenas, such as ticketing, security and media to name a few, for users to experience any downtime whatsoever. Companies that sell their solutions online must ensure constant connectivity and availability and we believe our customised solutions will add to the business’s reliability over peak growth periods.”
Gilmour cites the FIFA Web site itself as an example of a company whose traffic has and will continue to increase dramatically especially during the application and ticket ordering phase of this event and says that businesses operating in similar fields will find that, with RSAWEB’s hosting solutions, adding servers quickly in a virtual space is simple to effect and scaling back when demand slows is just as easy.
“Organisation’s of all sizes could find our virtualisation solutions useful in that servers and storage can be added or removed as and when the company grows or temporarily during busier phases of the year,” he says. “With no upfront capital outlay, these solutions will be attractive to most enterprises as it allows them to hire IT infrastructure as and when demand requires, avoiding the heavy financial outlays involved in purchasing, maintaining and housing it themselves.”
This approach also allows companies to focus on their core business while the server, network, bandwidth, software and data centre is managed by an external party.
“RSAWEB’s solutions are customised to suit individual business requirements. From simple to complex configurations, we are capable of providing businesses with the necessary technologies to free them from time consuming IT concerns,” he adds.