LaserCom, a division of Bytes Technology Group, has upgraded its KwaZulu-Natal branch infrastructure with a capital investment of R6-million.

The investment for the digital printing and mailing services company, which caters for blue-chip and other businesses across industry sectors, as well as local government, centres on two high-speed Xerox printers, one of which is a continuous feed duplex printer to meet the growing needs of customers in the region.
The installations are specifically to service two large customers, one of which has been a client for 18 years, as well as increase capacity to cater for growing demand.
Existing clients include African Bank, Nedbank’s national Personal Loans division, SA Home Loans, Unilever’s payroll, all the regional universities and technikons, and almost 30 municipalities with the biggest being the city of Pietermaritzburg, iTalk Cellular, and al Baraka Bank, among others.
Mac Moodley, GM of LaserCom’s KwaZulu-Natal branch, estimates that LaserCom KwaZulu-Natal has secured 80% of the business to be had in the region and contributes 20% of LaserCom’s total national revenues.
“We have a long history in the region and a very loyal customer base,” says Moodley.
The new machine prints at speeds up to 500ipm at two-up duplex, offers better image quality with resolutions of 600dpi, a small footprint for machines of its class, prints on a wide variety of substrates and improves general quality and speed through flash-fusing technology, which reduces paper heat and shrinkage while printing and retains paper moisture because high-intensity flash lamps heat the toner.
Flash fusing technology also extends the variety of substrates the machine can handle – including plastic card and labels – because the toner is fixed without the fuser contacting the paper.
LaserCom may roll out additional services on the back of the new equipment to other clients in the region based on their current and future needs.