In an effort to better understand the mindset of the African youth, US President Barack Obama has asked young people across the continent to engage with him on MXit.

MXit users are asked to send a question or comment to Obama within the next twenty-four hours. Obama will send a message back to the MXit user base after the campaign closes at 16h00 day (8 July).
The campaign coincides with his first official visit to the African continent. The US President and First Lady will be in Accra, Ghana on 10 and 11 July.
“We are very proud to have been asked to be part of a campaign to better understand and engage with African youth,” says Herman Heunis, MXit’s founder and CEO.  “We are simply delighted that such an important and influential president understands and acknowledges the power of social networking.”
 MXit has over 14-million users in 254 countries and delivers over 35 000 messages per second, making it one of the largest and most popular global mobile social networks. It is especially popular in Africa, where it offers users a means to engage with family and friends through chat rooms that offer communication at a fraction of the cost of mobile SMS or voice calls.
To send a message to President Obama on MXit, go to from your mobile phone to download the social network and IM and follow the prompts to leave a comment or question.