ICT solutions company, the Webcom Group, has bought a 50% stake in professional ICT consulting services provider RDB Consulting.

The acquisition, which is effective immediately, will see RDB Consulting bring established Database and OS skills to Webcom's existing successful end-to-end ICT products and solutions offering, allowing The group to extend and enhance its current value proposition to the global marketplace.
The RDB Consulting deal is part of Webcom's growth-by-acquisition strategy which entails the company acquiring skills and expertise already available in the South African market. Webcom has also, however, shown tremendous organic growth since its establishment in 1998, with customers throughout Africa and the Middle East as well as representation in the UK and the US.
According to Glen Miller, CEO of The Webcom Group: "RDB Consulting provided us with the expert database and operating system skills we require to expand our forte.  It made complete sense to buy a 50% stake in an organisation that already has entrenched experience and an impressive customer reference list. We look forward to our relationship with RDB Consulting, which believe will be mutually beneficial in terms of business growth and skills cross-pollination."
RDB Consulting provides professional database, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Business Intelligence (BI) and operating system (OS) support, as well as network and security maintenance, consulting, project management, solutions architecture and more.
Webcom and RDB Consulting have worked together in the past on synergistic projects where the similarity in company cultures and RDB Consulting's ability to add value in terms of its database and OS expertise became clear to Webcom.
Says Jaroslav Cerny, MD of RDB Consulting: "There is undoubtedly a natural fit between our organisations in terms of product and services. Both companies, for example, focus on the financial and telecommunications industries. We believe our newfound relationship with Webcom will indeed be beneficial."
The Webcom/RDB Consulting deal will enable both organisations to increase their footprint and leverage new opportunities through their respective customer bases. Of particular significance, Webcom's clients in the banking sector include some of the top financial services companies, including international banks. RDB Consulting will be provided with the opportunity to penetrate this industry with synergistic solutions – and assist Webcom in offering its clients an extended range of services.
In order to more closely align the company brands, RDB Consulting has recently undergone a comprehensive branding exercise, redeveloping its branding in line with its now expanded business offering, which includes networking and security maintenance services.