The City Lodge Hotels Limited (City Lodge) is deploying the web-based application SMSLink to confirm guest bookings for the group’s 43 hotels, which handles up to 2 000 bookings for its 2 864 rooms countrywide.

“SMSes have become one of the preferred methods to communicate concise information in the hospitality industry,” says Stuart Mattinson, IT manager for City Lodge, who confirms that guests will have a choice to be contacted with a traditional phone call or via SMS.
Mattinson goes on to explain that SMSLink, offered by XLink Communications, provided the hotel group beneficial features like audit trails, two-way communication and extensive reporting to ensure the product will become a tool to improve efficiency in the workplace.
“Building on our extensive experience in using cellular networks for secured data communications, we have developed value added products like SMSLink,” says Anton Leal, MD of XLink Communications, who already supplies the hotel group with 95% of its modems that connects Speedpoint machines wirelessly to the bank.
City Lodge currently operates four separate branded hotels in South Africa and has selected partnerships with certain airlines, car rental companies and shuttle services as part of its client-focussed operating philosophy.