For those of us that dread the annual pilgrimage to the coast in overloaded cars, complete with wailing offspring, Nintendo could just have the solution – Wii Sports Resort.

Launching on 24 July at a retail price of R699, Wii Sports Resort comes bundled with Wii MotionPlus and includes 12 sports ranging from power cruising, wakeboarding and canoeing, through to basketball, archery, golf and bowling.
"Nintendo continues to focus on activities around family and friends through its Blue Ocean strategy," says Core Gaming Systems' Matthew Grose. "We recognise that gaming is for everyone, no matter your age or gender, and we will continue to develop towards this."
Grose says that stats out of Europe seem to bear this out, with 54% of Wii players being male and 46% women. On its DS platform, though, this trend is reversed with 55% of gamers being women and 45% male.
He adds that Nintendo has garnered considerable success in the South African market.
"In the first 18 months that it has been available in this country, more than 92 000 units have been sold," Grose says. "This compares more than favourably with the 57 000 Xboxes and 42 000 PS3s sold in the same period."