Despite pricing for Microsoft's new Windows 7 operating system being announced last week for the US and European markets, South Africans will have to wait until closer to the 22 October launch date before they will know what they will pay for it.

A spokesman for Microsoft South Africa says there is no local price list for Windows 7 yet available.
"We can’t tell you exactly what the price of Windows 7 will be until it lands in stores on 22 October this year," the spokesman says. "The final pricing will be determined by a host of factors including local market conditions, partner margins, taxation and exchange rate, among others.
"It’s also important to remember that we offer a fixed price to our distributors here in South Africa – they then determine the final retail and market price point."
The spokesman adds, however, that pricing would be along the lines of Microsoft's current OS, Vista.
"Right now, we expect the prices of Windows 7 retail packaged product to be similar to Windows Vista, and in some cases even slightly cheaper," the spokesman says. "That said, while Windows 7 pricing is comparable to current Windows Vista pricing, its new features offer richer scenarios and more possibilities, meaning more value for the consumer.
"We also expect that the premium offering – Windows 7 Ultimate – will be at the top of the price range, followed by Windows 7 Professional and then Windows 7 Home Premium."