Looking to help local resellers through the current tough economic climate, Microsoft Dynamics has invested more than half a million rand in a Partner Development Centre (PDC).

Vanessa Pringle, Dynamics partner group lead at the organisation, says the goal of the PDC is to enable new deals in the Microsoft Dynamics space for every partner who signs up over a 12-month period.
"The success of the PDCs internationally, especially in emerging markets, is clear and in the past year more than 104 deals have been closed in countries such as Spain and Mexico through the centres," Pringle says. "This highlights the success of the engagement model we're now making available to South African partners."
Pringle says the South African PDC is based on globally practised and sanctioned methodologies, and more than 60 toolsets.
"The local five-member team combine experience, entrepreneurship and solid business acumen," she says. "The centre provides a definitive framework for business leaders and deploys a proven recipe based on international standards, but localised to suit the South African market.
"The PDC is about helping new and inactive Dynamics Partners to ramp up their businesses quickly, but in a consistent way, to ensure the right execution takes place and that the required knowledge and skills are onboard," Pringle adds. "The combination of interactive workshops and on-site, tailored mentoring sessions, focus on the disciplines of business management, sales, marketing and project management."
Pringle says that local uptake of the PDC has been encouraging, with eight partners signing up for it just a week after its launch.