Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories has announced the winners of the fourth annual Customer Innovation Awards programme, an annual competition that recognises outstanding companies for their use of technology to deliver innovative customer service in highly dynamic environments.

Out of an entry pool of more than 200 companies, 28 industry analysts, including independent analysts and those who work with international firms such as IDC, Frost, Datamonitor, Yankee Group, and Forrester Research, chose eight winners based on presentations held during panel sessions at the Genesys Analyst Conference in January and at Alcatel-Lucent’s Enterprise Forum in March
The eight winners are Presbyterian Health and Personal Nucleo from the Americas; DenizBank, Etisalat, FedEx Express, and MultiChoice from EMEA; and Global Speech Networks and Tokio Marine from the Asia Pacific region.
These winners were selected based in part on a presentation in front of the industry analysts demonstrating how and why its customer engagement strategies make them among the elite customer service organisations in the world. The judging process held the finalists to the highest standards in customer care, evaluating each candidate against 20 individual categories.
Three criteria determined their overall scores: innovation, optimisation and improving the customer experience. The common element each of the winners shared was their ability to improve the overall customer experience while linking business issues to customer service resulting in a more strategic approach to customer interactions.
This year the winners scored either a "four-star" or a “three-star” ranking (on a scale of one- to four-stars), indicating how analysts felt the companies performed when compared to the four stages of the Genesys contact centre capability maturity model. Those stages are: establishment, consolidating, performing and optimising.
A four-star ranking, the highest honour possible, indicates the company is operating at the optimizing stage of the model. A three-star award also is regarded as an exceptional achievement.
This year four winners achieved four-star status: Presbyterian Health, Etisalat, FedEx Express, and Global Speech Networks; and four achieved 3-Stars: Tokio Marine, DenizBank, Personal Nucleo and MultiChoice.