DVD and BluRay fans will be pleased to know that all monitors currently being produced comply with the 16:9 resolution standard which, translated from tech talk, means no more annoying black lines on the screen while viewing.

This is the word from Mark Forbes, Axiz product manager: Acer, who says contrast rations have taken a huge step, with monitors below 10000:1 simply no longer making the grade. Only the current 15, 16 and 17” screens should be below 10000:1 with the new resolutions 18.5 and larger being 10000:1 and higher. Currently the 21.5 and 23” screens boast a 40000:1 contrast resolution, offering vibrant display.
With the change of technology, screen sizes may now seem a bit odd, starting with 18.5-inch instead of the 17-inch (4:3), 21.5-inch instead of the 19-inch, and 20-inch (16:10), and 23” widescreen instead of the 22-inch widescreen (16:10), and, finally, the 23.6-inch instead of 24-inch widescreen (16:10).
Forbes adds that monitors have been “green” focused for a long time, but the trend is now aggressive.
“In the past, monitors were commended for being Energy Star 3 compliant. Today, Acer’s latest LCD monitors are all Energy Star 4.1, with EPA Tier 2 criteria. Acer LCDs are also Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) compliant for eco-friendly recycling. In addition, Acer’s design offers added energy savings by not using AC to DC power supplies on any of its models, allowing for assured safety and power saving, and Adaptive Contrast Management (ACM) allows the LCD monitor to use less energy, adapting to the screens requirements for the application.”