Bytes Document Solutions’ Xerox Global Services (XGS) division has embarked on a programme to bring the benefits of Six Sigma to clients when implementing total solutions.

Six Sigma is a business management methodology that allows Xerox to implement solutions, processes and services in a structured approach, and continually improve on these by measuring and eliminating defects within business processes.
“Xerox globally uses Six Sigma as a methodology for process improvement at clients and has been doing so for a number of years, and they use the methodology in XGS in the formula applied to employing machines onsite for improving call procedures and more,” says Grant Long, software product manager, Xerox Global Services, at Bytes Document Solutions.
Bytes Document Solutions is authorised distributor of Xerox products and services to 24 African countries.
Six Sigma measures efficiencies with financial targets in mind and seeks to reduce costs or increase profits while eliminating waste and increasing productivity. The proven methodology over numerous large organisations brings a powerful tool set for accurately measuring and analysing business processes.
Bytes Document Solutions has trained and continues to train a number of its employees in Six Sigma.
“We have a Black Belt and Green Belt after investing a year in training,” says Long. “Black Belts can take on larger, more complex projects with an understanding and experience of typical problems that will be encountered. Green Belts assist them, working under their guidance on smaller projects or components of projects and gaining experience as they do.”
Long says the company adopted Six Sigma to gain a system that is flexible enough to adapt to different market sectors and still provide an accurate proof of measurement and process for improvement.
The formal methodology removes guesswork so that customers know what to expect and can measure delivery against those expectations. It is always easier to implement a beneficial solution if you understand the challenges at hand, which allows the company to have the correct product implemented affectively.
“Many companies say they can provide certain benefits for their customers,” says Long. “When we tell a customer now that they’ll receive certain benefits we can follow through and measure exactly what benefits they achieve.”