In its quest to bring software solutions to challenging problems faced by businesses in retail-type environments, Emerge Group has forged a new partnership with a specialist in the field of customer flow management (CFM).

The organisation is Sweden’s Q-Matic, which originated the concept of CFM.
Emerge Group chief executive Jean Moncrieff explains that CFM is the process of managing customer flow and experience, from initial contact, to final service delivery. CFM is geared at increasing productivity and profitability while improving customer and staff experiences,” he says.
Q-Matic CEO Michael Hallén believes the approaching World Cup football tournament highlights the relevance of this market for the organisation’s software technologies. “South Africa is investing extensively in infrastructure at the moment. The relationship with Emerge will increase availability of Q-Matic’s solutions and thus enable retailers and public sector organisations to improve their services in this region,” he says.
Moncrieff says companies in retail and retail-type situations (point of sale, over the counter, etc) can benefit from the introduction of data to control the processing of customers to create advantage. “Many organisations are looking for differentiators in an increasingly competitive environment. With CFM, companies are empowered to manage the flow of customers and their experiences from initial contact through to service delivery; the solution also provides the facility to seek feedback and views after the customer has received the service they need.”
Explaining how CFM supports increased sales and productivity while reducing costs, he says it brings intelligence into the customer flow by ensuring that the right customer is in the right place, at the right time and is serviced by the most appropriate staff member.
“CFM generates data and insights about how your customers behave and how your staff serve them. As a result, it increases customer and staff satisfaction by reducing the actual as well as the perceived waiting time, equipping companies to create a controlled and fair waiting process,” says Moncrieff.
He adds that any situation in which queues form as people wait for service can benefit from CFM; this includes public sector service delivery points such as licensing stations, Home Affairs offices, border control points and more.
Hallén says the establishment of partnerships which bring its technology to Africa for the first time is a reflection of the organisation’s intent to create a global market for its technology.
“It’s important for us to have a solid presence in South Africa; in Emerge Group we have the right local expertise and experience to position our offerings in the region,” he says.