The majority of millennials – the generation born after 1980 – intentionally ignore information security policies.

According to a study by Symantec, 94% of respondents say they are well-versed in their corporate information security policy, but 71% disagree with it – they want uncontrolled access to any application, device or technology out there. Fifty-three percent admit to already making use of devices and software that go against these company policies. Only 43% declare they are not transgressing any rules when it comes to technological usage.
Companies that block access to applications and restrict the use of certain devices do so to help safeguard their data against the increasing threats associated with the changing technological landscape. However, the survey results indicate that millennials are probably more security-savvy than their employers give them credit for.
Sixty-two percent of respondents say they are aware of these risks and take measures to protect corporate data. Eighty-seven percent say they are aware of the measures they need to take to secure information stored on portable devices.
The fact that so many workers are displaying interest in corporate data security, could be attributed to the blurring lines between business and personal devices.
Forty-nine percent of the millennials surveyed use one computer for both work and personal purposes, and 24% use their personal computers and work computers interchangeably. Only 26% keep their work and personal computers strictly separate.
Furthermore, the majority of the respondents (54%) use their mobile phones for personal and work-related issues.
Other research outcomes include:
* The majority of participants use a standard mobile phone (64%) and only 38% make use of a smartphone;
* The most regularly accessed applications from a work computer are social networking sites (such as Facebook and MySpace) with 64% of respondents making use of these; Web-based personal email applications (44%); and instant messaging (33%);
* Sixty-nine percent of the respondents have stored company data on a USB drive; and
* Forty percent say they are more productive because of Web 2.0 technologies/applications/devices.