MXit’s registered international user base has passed the 14-million and is set to grow more as the mobile social networking and instant messaging giant consolidates its expansion in various markets across the globe.

Herman Heunis, founder and CEO of MXit, says: “MXit operates in an extremely dynamic market that sets innovation at the very core of its business. We believe that growth and continued success pivots upon the ability to read our users, anticipate global trends and understand exactly what we need to deliver in order to delight users in each of our core markets.
"We understand that we can’t adopt a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to the various international markets, because different cultures, trends and communications landscapes demand different tactics and strategy.”
Already one of the larger mobile global instant messengers, MXit’s sights are firmly set on increasing its international expansion by increasing its in-country operations to areas that are strategic, financially viable and where there is an opportunity to provide users with mobile features that enhance their lifestyles.
The company has already signed strategic alliances and rolled out operations in Indonesia, where it has already signed up more than 1,3-million users – as well as the Philippines, Central and South America, the Caribbean, and in Africa.  
Recently, MXit expanded its offering to users by launching a PC client competition to launch the MXit Development Zone community, which will allow budding developers the opportunity to create applications which can be downloaded and tested by fellow users.
Users in the MXit community send about 35 000 messages per second during peak times, with about 20-million visits per day. The number of people accessing the internet via their mobile phones has increased by 74% over the last two years.
The company is looking to Africa for growth in the future.
“The African market remains very attractive for us because we can see our platform offering the most value to populations that need cost-effective communications most," says Huenis.
"Mobile social networking and instant messaging is virtually non-existent in most regions this presents a good opportunity for MXit to revolutionise mobile social networking across the African continent, where there is already a fairly big appetite for social networking, especially in countries like Nigeria, Ghana, Mozambique and Kenya.
"We are especially interested in developing our relationships with NGOs in the various African regions," he adds. "There is potential for MXit to become a major driver in assisting governments and NGO’s in their education efforts at all levels, not only in traditional education initiatives, but also in communicating programmes for HIV / Aids, health, agricultural and many such campaigns."