XLink Communication will have close to 900 TwinCom modems installed by year-end in cashless mini ATMs to process the secured data communications between the ATMs and the banks for fund clearance. The cashless ATM dispenses receipts redeemable for cash at the teller of small retailers.

Cashless mini ATMs fill the gap where small shopping establishments do not qualify for full-service ATMs. A unit is installed at no extra cost to the owner, reduces the cash-on-site risk and automatically decreases cash deposit fees, besides attracting more visitors to wholesalers, superettes and greengrocers.
The XLink TwinCom modem uses the GSM network to perform the two-way communication through dual SIM cards in case a network goes down. This eliminates the need for a fixed telephone line, making it a quick installation of a low maintenance convenience device that is suitable to small and large retailers.
“We ensure optimal uptime through our web-based application to monitor modem activity and signal strength with real-time alerts when and where a network goes down,” explains Carl Larsen, executive head of sales for XLink Communications.
XLink has over 21,000 devices installed country-wide in ATMs, retail stores, and performs SIM estate management for over 42,000 active SIM cards for banks and PetroPods in automatic fuel tank gauging systems, in addition to the call centre, maintenance and billing of these devices.