CA Southern Africa (CASA) has officially been launched as part of the EOH group of companies.

Gary Lawrence, MD of CA Southern Africa, says the new company is now positioned to answer the call from the market to sweat IT assets, automate where possible and leverage IT for competitive advantage.
“We are re-focussing the company to ensure that we are viewed as ‘the IT management experts’,” he says.  “We have made significant investments in a local support centre and we are investing in our services business to ensure that we deliver against the IT management experts tag."
According to Lawrence, CASA are committed to improving the way their customers use IT so that they can clearly see the value that IT delivers to the business.
“Everything we do will be focussed around the IT management domain. We will recruit the best people the industry has to offer and we will have the largest team of people dedicated to IT management in the country,” he says.
As part of its new approach to market, CASA will develop and announce a range of new offerings in the next six to twelve months which will include managed services offerings, where CASA will be leveraging the EOH managed services business and data centres.
“Customers want the flexibility and benefits that we will now be in a position to provide in terms of access to specialised or additional skills, on demand SaaS models etc,” says Lawrence. “In many instances customers want the ability to focus on the strategic value of IT as opposed to running the technology/applications. Some of the solutions will be software-based and others will be services-based with the objective being to offer customers services that suit their requirements at all levels.
“We are already in discussions with some of our customers and are building offerings specifically to meet their requirements.”
In February 2009, CA entered into a long-term partnership with EOH whereby CA transferred all of its employees and infrastructure to EOH.
“Partnership with EOH has created a fantastic opportunity for CA Southern Africa to expand its solutions in the sub-Saharan market,” says Gilbert Lacroix, senior vice-president of CA. “Effectively, CASA can offer all the value that CA offers in terms of software solutions, best business practices and global expertise coupled with the ability to develop local services offerings and solutions to meet the needs of the local market.”