Companies need their infrastructures to be just as dynamic as today’s business climate so that they can respond to changes swiftly and effectively, without missing a beat.

That’s according to Graeme Dendy, Operations Manager of Faritec’s IBM Division, who says dynamic infrastructures are designed for today’s instrumented world. “This approach helps clients integrate the growing intelligent business infrastructure in the expanding, digitally interconnected world with the necessary underlying design of a flexible, secure and seamlessly managed IT infrastructure,” he says.
Organisations supported by a dynamic infrastructure can deliver superior business and IT services with agility and speed, while addressing the day-to-day operational needs to improve service, reduce cost and manage risk.
“IBM’s Dynamic Infrastructure concept spans both business and IT, bringing them together and managing them in a smarter, more streamlined way,” Dendy says. “It consists of seven primary initiatives with service management at the core. The other six initiatives are virtualisation, energy efficiency, business resilience, asset management, security and information management.”
The offering, which is a collaborative effort between IBM and its business partners, provides proven tools, assessments and workshops to measure business impact and build the right blueprint for success. Dendy points out that achieving a Dynamic Infrastructure is a journey rather than a product or once-off implementation.
“Customers can start at any point which makes sense to their business,” he explains. “For example, if they need to embark on a virtualisation drive, we can assist with the consolidation of servers and/or storage, and if they need to enhance their energy efficiency we can look at the tools available to gain insight into the energy and thermal usage of the infrastructure equipment in the data centre.
Dendy’s experience of the IBM environment is extensive. To date, he has attended seven of IBM’s Top Gun hardware and software training sessions, which are run exclusively for business partners and IBMers. Dendy was positioned in the top 10% of his class in each of the seven sessions he attended, thereby qualifying as an IBM ‘Top Gun’ worldwide.
The Dynamic Infrastructure programme includes a self-assessment session which companies can undertake on the IBM website free of charge. The self-assessment highlights issues which need to be addressed, and can be followed by a more detailed investigation by the Faritec IBM consulting team.
“If required, we will conduct a full service assessment of the customer’s environment, focusing on the three customer imperatives to improve service; reduce cost; and manage risk,” Dendy says. “This provides the customer with an in-depth view from a management perspective, and assists in prioritising the steps which need to be taken to achieve a Dynamic Infrastructure.”
The Dynamic Infrastructure concept was launched by IBM as part of its Smart Planet campaign in February 2009 and drives three customer imperatives: improve service; reduce cost; and manage risk. As an IBM Premier Business Partner, Faritec is ideally positioned to help customers deploy a Dynamic Infrastructure, thereby enabling them to thrive in the current, highly-demanding business environment.