Computer Storage Services (CSSI) has begun distributing solid state drives (SSDs), manufactured by US-based Super Talent, into the African market.

CSSI has been selling SSDs  for some time, but the latest price reductions, improved performance and also market interest has resulted in a surge for such devices in the past two quarters.
Solid state drives boast a high level of reliability, and Super Talent has reported among the industry's highest performance ratings based on test bench results and according to their latest testing in lab.
James Grcic, MD of CSSI, comments: "We were thrilled by the opportunity to distribute SSDs, but when Super Talent told us they have the fastest drive on the market, – even faster than Intel’s SSDs, reaching speeds up 250Mbps in data transfer – even our eyebrows were raised. We put the SSDs to the test in our product labs for weeks and the results were spectacular."
He adds: "Test customers across the country, from a host of industry backgrounds, were very upbeat. This is the future of storage technology and customers were calling me up about how they had instant access, rapid boot ups, SQL queries that were 15- to 20-times faster – even our gamers did not want to return the toys."
CSSI has made the SSD drive available to its channel and reseller partners this month, and will shortly announce further agents in South Africa.
CSSI has made the SSD drive available in the following capacities: 32Gb; 64Gb; 128Gb and 256Gb in the South African market. It will make an announcement shortly regarding the 512Gb drive launching locally.
In addition, CSSI has reduced prices on the Super Talent SSD range by about 12% to 15% below the industry standard to gain market adoption and awareness during this quarter.