When you watch footage of the moon landing, which happened 40 years ago today, chances are you'll be seeing reconstructed video taken from various different sources and put together for the occasion – because staff at NASA taped over the originals.

However, the images you'll see are looking great, thanks to enhancements from the Hollywood studio that touched up a number of old movies.
It seems that NASA lost the original moon landing video tapes and recently spent three years searching for them, to no avail.
Popular consensus is that staff must have taped over the originals in later years. It is thought that about 200 000 tapes were re-used in the 1970s and 1980s because of shortages at the agency.
Fortunately, experts have been able to get hold of the original CBS News broadcasts, kinescopes from the National Archives; a video from Australia (which received the transmission of the original moon video) and camera shots looking at a TV monitor.
The "new" video, which is about 40% complete is said to be of much better quality than the grainy and ghost-like images originally broadcast from the moon 40 years ago.