Opsi, a provider of logistics software, has been chosen by South African Breweries (SAB as its primary partner in the provision of its Plato distribution software, to handle the supply chain logistics between the production plants of SAB and Amalgamated Beverage Industries (ABI) in South Africa and their distribution depots.

The production and deployment plans generated by SAB’s enterprise systems are initially pushed into the deployment dashboard and then into the scheduler on a daily basis, in order to derive an initial transport plan.
This plan is then reviewed by SAB staff and then, via the dashboard, last minute changes to the deployment plan are incorporated. This revised set of information flows into Plato’s execution module for the execution and continuous updating of the optimised delivery schedule.
"We were looking to improve our vehicle optimisation and utilisation and needed a new or significantly revised system to achieve this objective," says Miveshan Naidoo, planning systems manager at ABI, the soft drink division of SAB.
"The new system needed to be flexible enough to embrace our unique requirements but also be sufficiently dynamic in nature to accommodate the real-time events that occur on a daily basis, in particular, the ability to timeously exploit the delivery gaps at the various security gates, in order to minimise vehicle queuing times.
The Plato (Planning Logistics and Transport Optimiser) suite of logistics software is Opsi's enterprise solution for transport planning.