Vodacom grew its number of mobile customers by 19,5% from the same quarter in 2008, to 41,3-million customers.

South African mobile operations contributed 69,6% of the group's customers, with international mobile operations at 30,4% for the quarter ended 30 June.
Revenue for the three months rose 12,2% to R14,2-billion compared to the same quarter last year, largely as a result of organic revenue growth of 5,9% and the acquisition of Gateway contributing about R800-million in the quarter.                                                    
South African revenue was up 8,2% year on year notwithstanding weaker economic conditions, largely as a result of the growth in customers and data revenue.
The weaker conditions particularly impacted contract revenue as customers managed their bundles more effectively. The quarter's results were also impacted by the additional public holidays in April 2009.
The South African operations continued to achieve strong customer growth, adding 1,1-million customers in the quarter to 28,7-million, 15,4% higher than the prior year and 4% higher than at 31 March 2009.
Customers on the dynamically priced prepaid product, Yebo4Less, increased from 4,8-million at 31 March to 7,2-million at 30 June, representing 29,3% of the prepaid customer base.
Market share was maintained at 53%.
Targeted loyalty programmes were effective in reducing overall churn by 2,4 percentage points to 34,1% at 30 June and prepaid churn to 38,4% from 40.9% reported for the quarter to 31 March.
The 11.4% growth in mobile traffic in the quarter to 6,9-billion minutes from 6,2-billion minutes in the previous quarter indicated the success of focused promotional offers.