F5 Networks has announced availability of its v10 release of the BIG-IP Application Security Manager (ASM) web application firewall. BIG-IP ASM is aimed at enterprises and service providers that need to consolidate their infrastructure and more confidently secure, deploy, and optimise applications.

The new version of BIG-IP ASM provides enhanced attack protection, threat mitigation, and application visibility. It is available as a standalone device or as a software module on BIG-IP Local Traffic Manager, F5's market-leading Application Delivery Controller. In addition, BIG-IP ASM is now available on F5's high-performance VIPRION hardware platform, further improving scalability and performance for large organisations as well as content and service providers.
Operating on F5's TMOS architecture, BIG-IP solutions unify application security, traffic management, and acceleration capabilities onto a single device to realise up to a 50 percent bandwidth reduction and up to a 10x user performance increase. By providing application services on a unified platform, BIG-IP solutions eliminate the need for multiple appliances, lowering capital and operating expenses while increasing the confidentiality, availability, and integrity of critical web applications and processes. As a key component of F5's vision of unified application and data delivery services, BIG-IP ASM provides an integrated web application security solution.
BIG-IP ASM now offers enhanced protection against layer seven denial of service (DoS), cross-site scripting, brute force, and SQL injection attacks, among many others. By providing advanced and integrated security on a flexible, scalable platform, organisations can more easily address application security requirements as new threats emerge or as their infrastructure evolves.
As a single, centralised point of policy enforcement, BIG-IP ASM provides comprehensive monitoring and visualisation capability. System-wide security and performance metrics enable informed decision-making, and ensure efficient IT resource utilisation. BIG-IP ASM includes built-in, automated security policies that can easily be activated to comply with industry security standards and organisations' individual security requirements. And F5's customisable iRules capability empowers organisations to tailor and automate additional security policies for their application delivery environments. The new version of BIG-IP ASM also monitors URL server latency, providing an additional tool for ensuring an optimal end-user experience.
F5 works closely with leading security and application vendors to ensure rapid, low-impact deployment. Integration with Splunk provides additional visibility into attack and traffic trends for threat analysis and forecasting purposes. Integration with Secerno's DataWall offers customers a comprehensive solution for application and database security. In addition, F5's Application Ready Templates provide pre-configured policies that enable BIG-IP solutions to optimise and secure popular applications from Microsoft, Oracle, IBM, and more.
"As organisations increase their reliance on web-accessible applications and data, their security risks increase exponentially, ranging from denial of service to inadvertently exposing sensitive data," says Mark Vondemkamp, Director of Product Management and Security at F5. "With our unified security and acceleration solutions in place, F5 customers can confidently introduce and enhance application security without sacrificing IT agility or the user experience."