By using SAS Analytics to target its marketing campaigns more precisely, the National Geographic Society has seen a return on investment of 200% to 300%, with the best-performing customer segments realising 50% overall campaign performance improvement.

One of the biggest challenges for National Geographic is optimising marketing efficiency across multiple departments and product lines. The answer: gather customer information into one central marketing database that provides a 360-degree view of its customers.
“We handle marketing analysis for our direct-response divisions – magazines, books, videos, catalogue, e-mail and travel,” says David Harkness, National Geographic’s marketing analysis manager.
“It all converges in the marketing database. By gathering transactional data we get a single view of what, where and how often a customer is interacting with us. Predictive analytics from SAS help us better understand our customers and determine which products and offers are the most relevant. Not only are we forecasting with greater accuracy which customers are highly interested in our products and services, we can simultaneously better identify underperforming customer segments with SAS.”
In addition to the power of SAS predictive analytics, National Geographic chose SAS for its flexibility and support. “The breadth of resources available on SAS is staggering,” adds Harkness.
“Between user groups, educational forums, official documentation and SAS sales and technical support you can pretty much figure anything out. I’ve been using SAS for 13 years, and I am still finding new things I can accomplish with it.”