Two customers have initiated law suits against Amazon for deleting the e-books they had bought for their Kindle readers. Ironically, the books in question were George Orwell's "1984" and "Animal Farm".

When Amazon learnt that the electronic editions of the books were pirated they simply removed them from customers' Kindle e-book readers without any prior warning.
Although Amazon gave all its customers automatic refunds, many were disturbed at the privacy implications of its ability to unilaterally delete the books at all.
The law suit has been brought by a high school student, who says he had made annotated notes on the book as part of a school project which were now useless; and an adult reader.
The suit is on behalf of all readers whose books were deleted and is seeking class action status.
Among other things, the law suit states that Amazon never told customers that it had the ability or the right to remotely delete legitimately purchased materials.