MTN has already started registering its customers in terms of the new RICA Act (more properly known as the Regulation of Interception of Communications and Provision of Communication-Related Information Act, 2008), which came into effect on 1 July.

It has issued a statement saying that, since 01 July, all customers who purchase a new MTN Pay As You Go starter pack or take out a new cell phone contract need to register their details before the new SIM card can be activated on the MTN network.
Bridget Bhengu, senior manager: PR & Communication of MTN SA, comments: “MTN has been hard at work preparing for the introduction of the new Act,  and our RICA systems and processes have been in place since the beginning of July.  We are working with the Department of Justice to ensure that the objectives of RICA – the curbing of crime – are achieved.
“Our prepaid customers need to be aware that all new prepaid Pay As You Go starter packs that are purchased, will only be activated once the customer has registered his or her details with an approved RICA agent at the outlet where the starter pack is purchased, or at any MTN Service Centre outlet.  
“In a case where existing customers (those customers who are currently active on the MTN network) have not been registered, we urge these customers to do so,” explains Bhengu.
The newly-implemented Act requires all the customer’s details to be recorded and stored on a secure database. The customer registration details required by MTN are: the full name and surname, ID number and residential address. A customer needs to being the original ID document and proof of residential address to an approved RICA agent for verification purposes.
Customers who reside in informal settlements can provide the RICA agent with a letter and/or affidavit from the head of the school or church, or the manager or owner of the retail store where the customer usually receives his or her post. This letter should be on an original letterhead with an official stamp of the school, church or retail store.