Rectron, sole local distributor of the Lite-On range of optical disk drives, has released Lite-On’s iHAS324, an internal half-height SATA DVD writer, capable of delivering a maximum write speed of 24X on select DVD media – and which is says is the fastest in the market.

“While there are other DVD writers capable of 22X or 24X speed, they are limited to the speed today’s DVD media can handle, which means they capable of write speeds of 16X,” explains Lucy Batista, Rectron’s product manager for Lite-On.
“However, by using proprietary Lite‑On technology called Smart Write to allow for writing speeds of 24x on high-quality media, Lite-On has engineered its latest drive to take DVD writing to the extreme. As a first in the market, this speed is perfect for those users who need the fastest burn time with the highest quality of data recording possible.”
The new LiteOn iHAS324 – which retails locally for a RRP of R299 — also includes other innovative Lite‑On technologies, designed for true power users who are concerned with more than just writing speeds.
One example is Lite-On SmartErase, which provides a permanent solution for erasing discs with confidential data. With SmartErase, users can be sure that private and sensitive data is securely erased and cannot be recaptured.
“Lite-On offers a one-year year warranty on all optical drives,” adds Batista. “In addition, any previous Lite-On drives under warranty and brought in with any problems will be immediately swopped out with the latest 24X drives. There is no turning back to old drives; at Rectron our focus is on keeping you and your IT equipment up-to-date with the latest technology.”