The Communication Workers Union is accusing Telkom of bad faith and of treating it with contempt in CCMA (Council for Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration) negotiations around wage increases – and has vowed to begin "militant" and "radical" strike actions against the telco.

"Bad faith Telkom is going to experience the might of CWU and its members," says the union, adding it is angered by the treatment it has received from Telkom. "The ungrateful and insensitive Telkom management led by its unpopular board of directors with its 'don't care attitude' will have to face the militancy of CWU members which will take the form of radical and adhoc strike actions."
The union and Telkom spent yesterday negotiating before the CCMA, but the CWU says it had been led to believe Telkom negotiators were going to ask theb oad to approve the R50-million that was preventing a deal from being brokered.
It believes there was an understanding on certain other areas, including adjusted salary scales and the date of implementation.
However, the union says the deal now being presented by Telkom is actually worse that the one previously on the table in terms of salary scales, adjustments and implementation dates.
"The union has rejected these backward proposals by the Telkom negotiating team as outrageous and unacceptable," says the CWU. "CWU and its members throughout the country will now be embarking on a national stay away on 7 August and on 11 August."
The union is also expected to embark on a national march” to the Telkom head offices on 11 August to present its demands.