Teljoy Solar has introduced its Teljoy Solar Green Credit scheme to help South Africans start lowering their electricity bills.

The company states that, tired of waiting for government or parastatal intervention, it has made the bold decision to move ahead and introduce the multi-million-rand scheme that will help consumers gain access to solar water-heating – which could cut their electricity bills by up to 50%.
Thanks to the recent 31% price hike, many electricity users are feeling the pinch. But many householders have difficulties raising the finance to install solar heating systems.
This prompted Teljoy Solar to offer its own Green Credit. Starting from R249.00 per month over a period of 48 months, with a R2 500.00 down payment, consumers can fit solar to their geysers.
Teljoy believes the monthly payment would be significantly offset by lower electricity bills as heating water accounts for between 30% to 50% of household electricity usage.
After the 48 months, there would be almost no ongoing cost for the system, which would continue to operate for 10 to 15 years.
Where Eskom rebates are applicable, they will go to the customer – and Teljoy will even help to claim them.
"You won't find anyone who thinks it's a bad idea and the one thing this country has in abundance is sunshine," says Theo Rutstein, who came up with the Teljoy Solar Green Credit concept. "The problem is most people don't have the initial capital investment just lying around to pay cash for the  system."