MWeb Business is launching a Hosted BlackBerry Enterprise Server solution. The service will allow companies to increase mobile productivity by giving their employees BlackBerry smartphones to access corporate e-mail, shared calendar, contacts, corporate data and other business applications – without having to purchase, install or manage the BlackBerry Enterprise Server software themselves.

“BlackBerry Enterprise Server enables an organisation’s employees to collaborate with colleagues and communicate with clients more effectively,” says Herman Jansen van Rensburg, head of product management & development at MWeb Business. “Thanks to this hosted solution, smaller businesses can enjoy the full benefit of the collaboration tools featured in the BlackBerry Enterprise Solution for an affordable monthly fee.”
The Hosted BlackBerry Enterprise Server from MWeb Business does not require customers to buy, install or manage their own BlackBerry Enterprise Server since they can outsource their complete email environment (including Microsoft Exchange and BlackBerry Enterprise Server) to MWeb instead.
The service also removes the need for any upfront software costs, deployment overheads or ongoing server support costs.
Hosted BlackBerry Enterprise Server offers the same security and functionality of the BlackBerry Enterprise Solution through a fully outsourced and hosted version of the BlackBerry Enterprise Server in conjunction with MWeb’s Hosted Exchange Platform.
MWeb will offer the Hosted BlackBerry Enterprise Server service free to new and existing MWeb Hosted Exchange customers for six months.