A new social networking game, running on the popular MXit platform and the Internet, aims to teach children how and why to save energy.

Minister of Energy Dipuo Peters today introduced the game at the Tigerkloof Combined School in Vryburg in the North West.
The game, called Save It! Digital, features three superhero characters who try to thwart the Energy Guzzler, a power-wasting monster who is using up all of the electricity available in a home. The characters must out-manoeuvre the Guzzler, beating him by saving as much power as they can before he can undo their good work.
The game is aimed at primary-school children, who will be able to compare the points that they have scored with other MXit users across the country.
Minister Peters comments: “In a fast-changing world, government is constantly looking for new ways to reach its citizens. We are very excited to be using new media to communicate with the youth – who, let’s admit, are already far more techno-savvy than any adult.
“Reaching the hearts and minds of South Africans starts with reaching the youth: we hope that they will take what they have learnt into their homes, their schools and, ultimately, into the future.”
The game was developed as part of the National Energy Efficiency Campaign, comprising a schools road show and a communications campaign aimed at educating South Africans about the importance of saving energy.
MXit runs on mobile phones and computers, and is used by about 14,8-million people, with approximately 250-million messages sent and received every day.