Sony has launched a massive attack on the burgeoning e-book market, launching two new low-cost readers and providing access to millions of titles.

The new products include the Reader Pocket Edition, retailing for just $199.00. IT will be available, along with the Reader Touch Edition, later this year.
The company has also announced that new releases and New York Times bestseller titles in the eBook Store from Sony will now be available for $9.99.
“We firmly believe consumers should have choice in every aspect of their digital reading experience,” says Steve Haber, president of Sony’s Digital Reading Business Division.
“Our goal is to expand the market and provide greater access to what consumers want to read when they want to read it — whether they buy, borrow or get it for free.”
Last week, Sony announced that its eBook Store from Sony, in partnership with Google, was providing access to more than 1-million free public domain books – from classics such as Robert Louis Stevenson’s Treasure Island to biographies, historical texts, romance novels and hundreds of other genres.
These titles, which Google has digitized as part of its Google Books project, are available in EPUB format.