Research into South African mobile phone usage by international cell phone browser company Opera Software shows that about 9-million people already access the Internet via their mobile phones, with numbers set to expand rapidly in coming years.

In response to this developing trend, MWeb has taken the first step in its new strategic approach to mobile connectivity, with the announcement of a new division that will manage every aspect of customers’ Internet connectivity through mobile devices.
Called MWeb Mobile, the new division will be headed up by Natalie Thayer. Carolyn Holgate, previously the marketing manager at MWeb, will take over from Thayer as GM of MWeb Connect, which will continue to focus on Internet connectivity for home and small business users.
“Connected consumers and business users increasingly need information at their finger tips and are more likely to use their smart phone to find information online, than wait until they can access a PC or laptop,” says Thayer. “Being able to do business and remain productive when away from the office is important to this market, and smart phone devices, which can synchronise e-mail, calendars and contacts, enables these users to work from anywhere."
As part of the strategy for MWeb Mobile, the division will focus its mobile offering on smart phone devices bundled with voice and data packages for users who want Internet connectivity on the go.
 “When we announced our new strategic focus for MWeb in March this year, we said that we would focus our efforts on an audience who enjoy experiencing the power of the Internet from a variety of platforms. Being able to get your e-mail on the move, coupled with the convenience of mobile Internet is a key driver of smart phone uptake.  As the Internet experts with 11 years of experience in South Africa, we are well-positioned to deliver the experience users are seeking,” says Thayer.
MWeb Mobile’s product offering includes a variety of voice and data packages, bundled with smart phone devices including Apple’s iPhone, BlackBerry, HTC, Nokia and Samsung.
MWeb’s mobile site, has already been launched and offers users access to their e-mail, their MWeb account and our products and services site.  In addition, it also offers breaking news, and sport headlines, financial information, weather, movies and entertainment news.
In addition, MWeb Mobile is also developing several mobile applications and tools suitable for these specific devices.