Mark Davison at Microsoft's Partner Summit, Durban – Microsoft South Africa nearly lost its new MD yesterday in the most dramatic of fashions.

Mteto Nyati had just introduced a speaker at one of the breakout sessions and turned to take his seat on the stage. Unfortunately, the chair had been set precariously close to the edge of the platform and, as he sat down, he spectacularly toppled heels over head. To add to the drama, Nyati was still microphoned up, so the clatter was boomed around the room in glorious stereophonic.
Showing remarkable composure, Nyati quickly checked that no bones had been broken, replaced the chair and took his seat for the rest of the presentation.
Following its conclusion, he had a quick check-up with the medics on duty at the Durban conference centre before sitting down again – this time on a more stable sofa – for a press interview.
As a certain old hack colleague of mine would say, "We like the cut of his jib!"