AMD is offering a free OpenCL for CPU beta download as part of the ATI Stream SDK v2.0 Beta Program. The beta will help programmers to more easily develop parallel software programs and take advantage of multi-core x86 CPUs to accelerate software and deliver a better computing experience.

AMD has submitted conformance logs from its Microsoft Windows and Linux CPU beta releases to the Khronos Working Group for certification.
The company believes it is the first to deliver a beta release of an OpenCL software development platform for x86-based CPUs.
AMD’s OpenCL for CPU beta is a key component of the complete OpenCL development platform included in the next ATI Stream software development kit (SDK), which is expected later in 2009.
“By supporting multi-core CPUs and GPUs with our OpenCL environment, AMD gives developers easy access to both processing resources, so they can efficiently write cross-platform applications for heterogeneous architectures with a single programming interface,” says Rick Bergman, senior vice-president and GM of the AMD Products Group. “AMD is supporting OpenCL with our ATI Stream SDK as an enabler of wider GPGPU adoption among developers and users.”