The Notebook Company's auction web site is contributing about 20% of total sales since notebook computers were added to it in June – and has proven to be a good example of how “batting smartly” can help to combat the recession.

This is according to Christopher Riley, CEO of The Notebook Company, who says new laptop sales were still “muted overall”.
“We don’t know when the upturn will come," says Riley. "We were expecting sales to pick up in June and July – but they did not. We are getting mixed messages from business watchers and mixed signals from the business world at large. For instance, when there are strikes the rand normally takes a knock, but, with the recent municipal worker’s strike, the rand strengthened.”
Riley says he expects laptop sales to increase in the first and second quarter of 2010, but was unable to give an estimate of the increase. “It is just too hard to judge the market right now.
“What we have done is cut our prices where we can and we are very busy with upgrades and repairs as users try and get the best bang for their buck out of their existing laptops. Many are eschewing buying new laptops due to budget constraints and are opting, instead, to upgrade or rent for a short term period.
“Our web site has also been a success and we believe we are offering the marketplace the best deal possible out there – and this is the reason for its success. People – and companies – are checking their wallets before making any purchase. Many are still taking a wait-and-see attitude. The problem is that this wait-and-see attitude is naturally not spurring on any possible upturn."