Telecommunications is no longer a technology business, says Vox Telecom’s Douglas Reed – and customers should reconsider their suppliers accordingly.

“Telecommunications has become a service business,” says Reed. “As a customer, all you really want is for your phones to work and your data to move where it should. Whether that’s achieved using wires or cellphone towers or tin cans and string, it shouldn’t matter – that should be the service provider’s business.
“You want a supplier who can take you into the future, using technologies that may not have been invented yet,” adds Reed. “Getting locked into using a specific technology or network at this stage is a bad mistake.”
Reed says Vox Telecom has an advantage over many others in the markets because it has been operating in both voice and data markets for over 10 years. “Just about everybody else has focused exclusively on either voice or data, and are only now dipping their toes into the other side of the pool. Some of the incumbents are trying to do what we have already done.”
Telkom in particular is hamstrung by its reliance on ageing technology and its perceived political importance, says Reed, “and Neotel just doesn’t have the infrastructure right now. At Vox we have the unique advantage of having relationships with all the network providers, so we can leverage everyone’s technology. The trick for the future is in being able to provide seamless voice and data service ultilising multiple technologies and suppliers.”
This ability is in place in all Vox Telecom’s divisions, says Reed. “Vox Orion has taken their strong customer focus, developed over many years in the corporate voice market, and converted it very successfully to data so that for the customer, they can present a full service offering.
"In the small to medium enterprise market, Vox Datapro has extended their practical, commonsense data approach to voice as well. @lantic is doing a similar thing in the consumer market, with the added benefit of allowing customers to subsidise their ADSL costs by getting rebates on incoming calls.”