Nashua Mobile, a member of the Reunert Group, celebrates its 15th anniversary this year, having grown from a cellular voice provider to offering a full range of communications solutions.

The company known today as Nashua Mobile was created in 2000 through the merger of two companies that were involved in the cellular industry from its very beginnings: NedTel Cellular and Nashua Cellular. Since the merger, Nashua Mobile has entrenched itself as one of the country's largest independent telecommunications service providers.
Says Chris Scoble, MD of Nashua Mobile: “Nashua Mobile is one of the few independent telecommunications service providers to have survived the consolidation of the industry in the late 1990s and early 2000s. The company has thrived and has grown to nearly 700 000 subscribers representing more than 10% of South Africa's contract cellular subscriber base during this time.”
The reasons that the company has thrived in a competitive and fast-paced cellular industry are its relentless focus on customer service, the fact that it offers customers a wide range of choice tailored to their needs, and its ability to adapt to rapid changes in the cellular industry, says Scoble.
Nashua Mobile started off as a company that focused on cellular voice solutions, but it has since evolved into a communications provider that offers its customers a range of voice and data products.
It has built up a range of offerings from broadband, Internet service provision and mobile data through to messaging and cellular voice solutions, representing the best product and service offerings from South Africa's leading network operators including MTN, Cell C and Vodacom.
“More important than the product and services Nashua Mobile offers, is the investment it has made in customer service and support. In a maturing telecommunications market, a customer service focus will set the leaders in the industry apart from the rest,” says Scoble.
“We are already able to offer customers a single point of access for nearly all of their telecommunications needs, backed up by an extensive retail and contact centre support infrastructure."