With its growing customer base in the Western Cape and continued growth, despite the economic downturn, J2 Software has now opened offices in Cape Town.

The company says the reason for this growth, especially in these trying times, is that executives are now realising the value of their limited resources and are seeking professional assistance to optimise their technology investments.
According to J2 Software regional manager Grant van der Westhuizen, the Western Cape has the potential to be a huge growth area for J2 Software. “The Western Cape has always had strong roots in financial services, retail, manufacturing and agriculture. I believe our solutions are perfectly suited to add value to customers in these areas. With more than 7000 potential customers that could benefit from our services, this is a strategic and aggressive move for us to continue to add value as we have proven over the past couple of years.”
J2 Software provides solutions and services that enables companies to achieve cost savings, enhance data security and increase efficiencies. It allows its customers to better protect their information and technology investments with limited resources and minimum effort.
“It is our desire to help customers know what is happening with their information, teach them how to protect sensitive information and make sure that this does not fall into the wrong hands. We provide simple solutions to increase user productivity and improve governance and compliance measurement. Our approach is simple and uncomplicated and we provide cost effective solutions and services which save our clients time and money,” says J2 Software MD John McLoughlin.
He says it is imperative that companies protect their assets. “This means both physical resources and the information assets within the organisation. J2 Software has been able to assist its customers in achieving this and it is therefore important that we are able to provide the same benefits on a national basis, hence the expansion to Cape Town and Durban. I believe that this is more than likely one of the reasons why J2 Software has been able to buck the trend and grow during these uncertain times.
“Our customers will continue to receive top class service and support but they will have the added benefit of local representation. This means our national clients will have even faster response times and we will be able to respond better to local market conditions with local feet on the ground. This also means our potential customers will have peace of mind knowing that J2 Software is committed and is investing in their area,” says McLoughlin.
J2 Software’s expansion strategy will ensure that it is able to provide a focus within specific local markets. This will have a positive impact on its continued growth and also provide a national footprint in order to better service its customers.