Twitter is under the microscope again. Not only did a hacker bring the site to its knees last week in a series of distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks, but it has now been revealed that at least one botnet uses the social security site as its command centre.

Jose Nazario, from Arbor Networks, reveals that he stumbled across a major information stealing operation on the site.
"While digging around I found a botnet that uses Twitter as its command and control structure," Nazario writes on his company blog. "Basically what it does is use the status messages to send out new links to contact, then these contain new commands or executables to download and run.
"It’s an infostealer operation."
At least a couple of hundred PCs, mostly in Brazil, seem to be under the control of the particular Twitter account Nazario stumbled across.
He has also detected a similar operation on the Google service Jaiku. Google has shut the account in question down.