Voice and data specialist Skycall has launched Skybox, its branded mobile VoIP solution that is expected to provide employment for 4 500 black female entrepreneurs over the next 12 months.

The new mobile solution, which cuts call costs for the client by as much as 50% compared to normal pre-paid rates, is part of Skycall’s social responsibility and entrepreneurial development program.
“There are more than 20 000 mobile GSM containers deployed out there," says Pieter Botha, operations director at Skycall. "It's a growing market. Our mobile VoIP solution – which is Skycall-branded – is expected to gain a significant share of this growing market over the next few years.
"We estimate that almost 5 000 jobs will be created during the next 12 to 18 months as we roll out our units to primarily black female entrepreneurs."
Besides cutting call costs dramatically, the units have their own in-built power source, allowing it to be used without electricity and can even be charged from a car battery – making rural deployment easier.
“We follow the ‘deployment anywhere’ approach – as long as there is a reliable 3G connection," says Botha. “These units run off our existing network and work off a pre-paid basis, meaning there is no risk to the entrepreneur.”
Modular in design, the entire unit can fit into a back-pack, and can operate virtually anywhere. The system is fully maintained and supported by competent technical staff.
“We have kept the design robust and simple – and we are able to train unskilled people  within two days. This means an entrepreneur can be earning an income within 48 hours of signing on at Skycall – and is in place to earn an easy R4 000.00 to R5 000.00 net income per month, without working overtime.
“The units can be positioned anywhere – at supermarkets, soccer stadiums, on street corners and at taxi ranks," says Botha.
Skycall has already secured vendor finance through reputable finance houses to support the entrepreneur who does not have the means to purchase the Skybox outright.
“We see this market growing rapidly within the next few years,” says Botha