Access to appropriate information technology skills in the market remains a thorny issue which most organisations struggle to deal with appropriately. The shortage in the market for skills has made it difficult for most organisations to retain the appropriate skills and train new young skills.

While most organisations continue to try to employ senior technology people on a fulltime basis, they find it very difficult to retain them for long periods of time. The reasons that most of these skilled resources provide for leaving an organisation in this sector are a lack of challenges and salaries that are not market related. The result of all this is that, IT solutions become a hindrance to the development of the organisation, while in fact IT should be an enabler.
With this phenomenon, a large number of skilled IT people are now working for themselves as independent consultants and are always on the lookout for interesting opportunities in the market. This group of people are well trained and experienced to deliver on the most difficult and keen to work on short term projects to deliver on a specific set of scope.
Most of them have worked for large organisations or the international consulting firms. They have decided to branch out on their own in order to find and explore new challenges and apply their knowledge effectively.
eSoftware Solutions has launched eProjectsOnline, a web site where organisations can engage with consultants for services.
eProjectsOnline provides the following range of skills online Business and  Strategy Consultants, Enterprise Architects, Project Managers, Business Analyst, SAP and Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning Consultants, Network Engineers, Hardware Engineers and Developers(C, C++Java,VB etc). The online skills cover the range required to deliver on any large project.  Since the website was launched six weeks ago, it has attracted over 1 000 skilled professionals.
eProjectOnline allows registered organisations to publish their requirements online. The requirements detail the nature of work required by the organisation, detailing both business and technical requirements if required. These requirements are published to the entire community of consultants registered on the eProjectsOnline website, who will then provided a proposal on the requirements. The proposals will contain their approach to implementing the solution, experience in implementing such solutions, high level project plan and the implementation cost.
The organisation will then have the opportunity to evaluate the proposal. During the evaluation process the organisation will able to view to full credentials of the consultant online. The evaluation process could also entail a meeting with the consultant to discuss the solution further. Contract negotiations will then follow with the winning consultant and the result will be a contract drawn between both parties.
At the end of the project, a post implementation assessment is then performed on the work completed and a score is allocated to the consultant. The consulting score is then carried over to next task that the consultant embarks upon.
eProjectsOnline provides the following benefits for an organisation:
*  Access to the IT community;
* Access to verified IT resumes;
* The ability to compare business solutions from a number of skilled IT consultants;
* Lowers contracting and employment costs; and
* Lowers the risk of contracting or employing consultants who do not have required skills to deliver the required project.